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Assume the role of a noble knight and defend the land from evil creatures which threaten the realm. Draco Knight is a 2D action platformer with a strong emphasis on combat. The game uses twin stick controls to give precise control to the player allowing for easy to grasp but hard to master gameplay.

Currently the game is in production and expecting a release in Q3 2021. As such I am looking to get as much feedback as possible as we're getting ever closer to releasing the game.

Thanks so much for visiting. Please try the demo and let us know how you feel about the game in the comments below.

If you wish, please wishlist the game at https://store.steampowered.com/app/1218640/Draco_Knight/

And keep in touch:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/teamhengame
Site: https://dracoknight.com

Install instructions

  1. Download and extract the file: Draco Knight - Demo Build.zip
  2. Enter extracted directory and start the Draco Knight Demo.exe executable
  3. Have fun :)


Draco Knight - Demo Build.zip 65 MB

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